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February 12, 2023Medi Dashboards Newsletter
Creating a Pareto Chart in PowerBI:
Delivering Results for Your Executive Team
In this newsletter, we will be discussing how to create a Pareto chart in PowerBI when faced with the challenge of delivering results to your executive team, even though the data doesn't exactly match their request and may not exist in company servers.Scenario:
As a PowerBI user, you may receive a request from an executive team member for a Pareto chart, which is a bar graph that shows the relative frequency of different values in a dataset. It is used to identify the most significant factors that contribute to a particular problem or phenomenon.
However, what do you do when you don't have the exact labels required to build the Pareto chart that the executive team member requested? In such cases, you can use the geographic data you have to adapt the data to your needs. For example, you can group the data by regions, cities, or zip codes, instead of the specific labels you are missing.Recently, my team received this exact problem. Despite this challenge, we were able to adapt the data based on what geographic information we did have. We grouped the data by regions and used this information to build the Pareto chart in PowerBI. We used the bar chart visualization, sorted the data in descending order, and added a line chart visualization to show the cumulative percentage.Our adapted Pareto chart still delivered valuable insights to the executive team and helped us to meet the goals that were based on the executive forecasts. By telling a compelling story around the data, we were able to demonstrate our expertise and the value that we bring to the table.This experience taught us that even when the data doesn't match the request exactly, it is still possible to deliver results to your executive team.How to:
In PowerBI, you can create a Pareto chart using the bar chart visualization and sort the data in descending order. You can then add a line chart visualization on top of the bar chart to show the cumulative percentage.
It is important to keep in mind that your executive team is looking for results, and not necessarily for a chart that matches their request exactly. By adapting the data, you can still deliver valuable insights to your executive team and highlight the key trends and patterns in the data. They might be asking for a Pareto chart but the data fits better on a standard bar chart or line chart. You will be the arbiter of this information, tasked with presenting a compelling analysis to the executive team.
It is crucial to sell your work by telling a story around the data. You can explain the limitations of the data, and how you adapted it to meet the needs of the executive team. By doing this, you can demonstrate your expertise and the value that you bring to the table.In conclusion, creating a Pareto chart in PowerBI requires adapting the data based on what geographic information you have, and the ability to sell your work by telling a story around the data. With these skills, you can deliver results to your executive team, even when the data doesn't exactly match their request.Reach Out to Us:
Have you ever built a Pareto chart in PowerBI or any other data visualization tool?
Have you ever faced the challenge of adapting data to build a Pareto chart in PowerBI?Have you ever had to sell an idea to an executive from a lower position?How did you approach the challenge of selling your work to an executive from a lower position?Have you ever had to tell a story around the data to sell your work to an executive team? If so, what strategies did you use?We hope you found this newsletter informative and helpful. To continue the conversation, please take a moment to reply to the questions we've included in this edition. Your thoughts and feedback are important to us, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.That's all for this newsletter. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us.Best regards,
The Medi Dashboards Team